About Me


I believe in the innate intelligence of the body to heal itself. I enjoy reading about how the body functions. I have studied quantum physics and how DNA works and heals. I am also interested in ancestral DNA trauma and how we can heal.

I took my massage training in 2005 at Clover Park South Hill Campus. After working in a chiropractic office for a year, I realized what I had learned in school was not really making a significant change in my clients' complaints. I felt something was missing, I had taken six different continuing education classes. None had provided me with new, helpful techniques. I finally came across a Structural Relief Therapy class, that changed my practice and my clients' outcomes significantly for the better. I now implement SRT to assist my clients' bodies not only to achieve balance, but to come into alignment. I also use several techniques of energy manipulation to assist in the many levels of healing the physical and emotional body. I love working with the human body and find myself ever amazed at the positive outcomes my clients achieve.

Beyond my career and studies I love to camp, and I love the outdoors. It refreshes my spirit.