What to Expect

When you are coming in for your first visit, arrive 15 to 20 minutes prior to your scheduled massage time. There will be paperwork to fill out.

Your thoroughness in completing the intake can have a major impact on the goals and outcome of your treatment plan. In order for me to help you help yourself to maximum improvement of your physical goals, I need to know a history of past injuries as well as current ones.

Even though you will have immediate relief of some and maybe all symptoms, it does not mean the work is done. To fully correct the erroneous holding patterns in the muscles takes time. I need  my first time clients, coming with complaints of "I slept wrong", "I tweaked ___at the gym", "I did yard work", etc. to commit to at least three to six consecutive bi-weekly or weekly visits. There is a deeper muscular issue involved in these momentary dysfunctions, and by addressing them, the chances of a repeat injury are reduced. 

Auto accidents require a commitment of 12 to 24 weeks. I have had so many clients come for 3 or 4 visits, close their claims because; "Oh, I feel much better. My neck pain is gone and I can turn my head again." Weeks and sometimes months later they come back, in the same condition they were in on their first visit, having had headaches the whole time. An auto accident traumatizes the body, it can take months, even years (without intervention and proper treatment) for the body to recover, some may never fully recover. I have had clients who have come for treatment 5 to 10 years after an auto accident and get relief.

"Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional."

I find my clients get better results when they play an active role in their treatment plans. SRT is an interactive technique that requires the client to be aware and participate in the session. I try to leave time for relaxation and meditative time on closing the session. Once a client has reached a state of balance within the structure of their bodies, I will include more and more Swedish style massage. The client may request very effective Cranial- Sacral work.

Typical Session:   Waiting client should take advantage of using the restroom, turning off their cell phones, removing jackets, watches, etc. When escorted to the room we may talk a minute before I leave you to disrobe. There is a dressing area where you can hang or lay your clothing. I ask that you leave on your under shorts or panties. This work can also be done fully clothed. SRT requires positioning of the legs; even though I keep you thoroughly draped, for your comfort as well as mine, I prefer you do not remove your undies. I begin with you face down on the table, I dim the lights to quiet the energy in the room, and begin with basic Swedish massage on your back. This gives me an opportunity to assess what is going on in the body. I will flow into positional release techniques within 10 minutes of beginning. At this time we get down to work with SRT. The majority of low back and neck work is done once I turn you over onto your back. On closing the session, I will place my hands on your head, releasing a few acupressure points, take you into a state of peaceful relaxation and close with an energetic sweep of your body. At this time I will leave the room so that you can dress. Please help yourself to the bottled water on the counter. I always hope my clients will be considerate of my time constraints and open the door as soon as they are decent, so I may change linen and talk with them about their session.

Missed Appointment / Cancellation Policy

 Your appointment is reserved especially for you. If you are unable to keep your allotted time, I kindly ask that you give a minimum of 24 hours notice; in order that I may have a reasonable amount of time to fill the appointment time slot. Please understand my time is valuable; missed appointments do not just leave a void in my schedule, they also prevent another client from filling that space. Please notify me as any notice is better than no notice. Because I am affected directly when appointments are missed, I charge a fee of $50.00 for "No Show" appointments. This will be paid prior to your next appointment. Thank you for your consideration.


The effects of massage are cumulative. With each session you will get better, better and better. Physically and mentally. Take care of yourself today.

Karen Flory, LMP

253-475-1910  M-W-F- S